Tuesday Prayer: Rev Thresi Mauboy Wohangara, Northern Synod

Lord Almighty, our Rabbi
While we live in the midst of uncertainty because of the heavy struggles we face during this CoVID-19 pandemic,
You come and greet us in Your way.
Many prayers have been offered to You – together and individually. The Churches of God all over the world have put aside their differences to unite and call your name.
O God, have mercy upon us according to your loyal love.
Erase our transgressions according to Your great grace!
Do not cast us away from you, and do not take your Holy spirit from us!
We do not have the power to avoid what happens, and no power to obey, except with the help of God the Most High and the Most Great!
O’ Saviour do not let us get lost. Guide us through this period of struggle.
For all governments in the world, give them the heart to understand when creating policies related to the economy, to security, and to the health and welfare of their peoples.
God also help the doctors and medical workers who are temporarily working hard to help all those who are sick. Instil in their hearts the heart of a compassionate servant who is ready to serve and give help to those in need.
Give them health and strength, and protect them and their families.
Finally, to all of us to respect and obey all appeals made by the government while faithfully and truly trusting in the Lord God, whom we worship.
Let us trust God is present as a helper and redeemer of His people.
He is always within reach.
He is never far away.
He is close.
He is with us.
He cares.
He heals.
He restores.
He redeems. Let it be thy will, forever. Amen