Children and Families

Young Church
Our congregation encourages the presence of young people throughout the service. We have an early word aimed at our younger members as well as a table set with activities, puzzles and books for all ages to explore. Find the table by the audio desk with plenty of seating nearby for parents, pull up a comfy cushion on the rug and make yourself at home!

Messy Church
Is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 4:30-6:30pm, and includes an evening meal. It is great for families and those who find that Sunday morning church services don’t really suit them.
The history of Messy Church began 2004 in England and has exploded to at least 12 other countries.
St Wilfrid Church in England found they weren’t offering  anything that gripped the imagination of their local families. So the created Messy church partly from the belief that we grow best as a church when we walk the journey with many different people, and partly from the desire to help families grow together in their walk of faith.

Count Down To Christmas
For those 5-12 years of age. As it’s name suggests, Countdown is a program exploring the meaning of Christmas, jam-packed with Christmas craft, music, stories, games, drama, puppets and refreshments!

It’s a wonderful way to  celebrate the story of  Christmas.

Check in closer to Advent to find out what this years program will look like.