During this time of closure our Ministers will be taking the time to share their reflections of faith, the bible, the world and how we are called as disciples of Christ in their personal reflections.

We will be adding a variety of prayers to our Prayers page including a weekly cycle of prayers for use by congregations and in people’s personal devotions, prepared by The President and Moderators of the UCA. It can also be found by visiting the UCA Assembly Website.

26th March 2020

Many people who attended the welcoming service for migrant workers from the Pacific at the Shepparton Uniting Church, have asked if I could post the prayer I used as part of our prayer of Intercession. A prayer written by a migrant worker and first posted by Jocelyn Soriano: ‘Father God, it’s so lonely out here. Many times I’ve asked myself why I had to go here in the first place, and why I can’t go back yet to where my true happiness resides. Why must I walk these streets alone? Why must I eat this bread without my family?
Many sights have amazed me since I got here and yet no beauty has ever succeeded in wiping away the tears of my loneliness. For without my loved ones, what can all these things mean to me? I’d rather be blind, I’d rather tire myself to sleep so I won’t have time to remember, to cry, to long so painfully for the people I love so much.
Help me O God, Give me strength to bear such terrible longing. Give me hope so that the vision of your blessings for my loved ones always be before me. Give me faith so I can cling on that hope in my darkest and loneliest days. Let me never forget the reason why I came here for. Let me never forget who I am and to whom I really belong. Save me from my weaknesses and snatch me away from the many temptations that lurk along the way.
I have not come here for my own sake. I have not come here for defeat. I came here for my beloved ones. I came here to make a sacrifice. And I came here to be victorious through your most Holy Name! Guide me O Lord each step of the way, protect me from all dangers that I may come home safely, full of your wonderful blessings and overflowing with gratitude for all that you have done for me and my family’.
My prayer today is for those who are here under the migrant workers program.
May the Peace of Christ be with you all.

Rev Loni.

24th March 2020:

In the midst of pain and agony of our darkened world, we gaze unto the face of our most loving and gracious God to keep our souls at peace and to steady our feet through the valley of the shadow of death. (Psalm 121: 1-2)
We rely on the faithfulness of God and not our imperfections; therefore we lift up our eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh our help, instead of viewing the deep dale of one’s own unworthiness.
Even as we are isolated and distanced in a far country of the darkest hour of the night, we can still dream of the gracious Saviour God as Sarah Flower Adams wrote, ‘Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down, darkness be over me, my rest a stone; yet in my dreams I’d be nearer, my God to Thee’. (cf. Genesis 28: 11-19).
My prayer is for all who are struggling in mind, body and spirit this day.

Rev Loni.