Scammer Alert for Facebook

It seems that we have been targeted by scammers on Facebook. A person is impersonating us and sending friend requests to all those that follow us on facebook.

Please do not answer any friend requests or messages from a Shepparton Uniting Church personal profile.

The Shepparton Uniting Church DOES NOT send friend request through Facebook and we DO NOT cold contact people via facebook messenger with a wave, then ask for people to give money for any reason via messenger.

Never give money to someone that contacts you through Facebook.

If you are contacted by this scam profile please report the account as false to facebook straight away. If you are able please go to our facebook scam warning post and share so others do not get caught by this scam.

Presbytery of North East Victoria Field Days: Connect, Grow, Serve

Under the banner of Connect-Grow-Serve, the Presbytery of North East Victoria took us through a series of online studies and workshops that explored the connections between our faith, the environment and how we live.

These workshops were via zoom between the 1st and 8th of May 2021. They were recorded and have been uploaded for personal or shared use.

The recorded videos can be accessed via this link on our website.
Alternatively, they can be viewed via the Presbytery of North East Victoria Youtube Channel or the Presbytery website, the website also has links to a podcast and other extra material.