We Are Open For Worship

It is with great excitement that we announce that we are once again open for face to face worship from this Sunday 13th December 2020 after more than 8 months. Whoo Hooo!

This reopening does come with some COVID safe requirements so please read Loni’s letter below or click here for a printable version to pass onto family and friends.

Gathering for worship will look a little differently than what we were used to back in March, due to Government requirements. It will be a great idea to arrive a little earlier to Worship as it may take a little while to ‘log in’ to worship and be seated due to these COVID safe requirements. Please see below for links to Service Victoria App on both Google Play and Apple App Store. You will need this to ‘login’ to worship.

If you feel a little worried or overwhelmed about meeting face to face, that’s ok too. We will be zooming and streaming Live during face to face worship so you may wish to continue joining with us from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. Details for Zoom with be uploaded in the next day or so.

Worship begins at 9:30am for both face to face and zoom/streaming live.

Please remember this is a time of physical distancing we can still be social. Keep in touch with each other and others within the congregation and community by phone, email or even by letter writing! Keep checking here at our website and/or our Shepparton Uniting Church Facebook page to see recorded service of worship, as well keeping up to date with future online worhsip services, events and all other updates.

Dear friends in Christ,

I hope that you and your family are well and that you are able to meet your loved ones face to face after the Covid 19 restrictions had been eased.

At its meeting on the 9th December, the Church Council approved the proposal from the Worship Committee that Shepparton Uniting Church return to face to face worship starting this coming Sunday the 13th December.

This return to face to face worship is a return to a ‘new normal’ in the way we meet.

The Church Council will put in place all that is required under Covid safe requirements from the DHS and the Vic/Tas Synod to make sure the safety of our members and those who may attend our Christmas services.

This includes electronic registering. It means that when you arrive for the services, you will find posters at the main entrance from the car park with a code. That code can be scanned onto your mobile phone. If you do not have a phone, or new to scanning with your mobile camera, don’t panic as there will be a person at the main entrance with an iPad to sign you in and/or assist with your registration.

Because of the use of electronic registration, we would be able to accommodate more people in our services than previously allowed through signing the book. This allows us to welcome more than a hundred people into the church complex (including the narthex, the halls and the Sunday School room) for worship at a particular time.

This really is good news for us in the Shepparton Uniting Church.

Apart from the excitement of the Christmas season, I hope you are also excited in gathering face to face for the first time since the ‘lock down’.

In fellowship