Christmas Bowl Appeal: Christ the King Sunday

The story of the Christmas Bowl

It’s been more than 70 years since Reverend Frank Byatt called on his family to share the joy of their Christmas with those in need around the world. He put a Bowl of Remembrance on the dinner table and asked his loved ones to place a generous gift in it to ‘share your good dinner with hungry children in other lands’.

Frank couldn’t have foreseen how his simple act of compassion would grow into the powerful Christmas Bowl tradition we now know. And he couldn’t have known how much it would be needed in our world today.

When Frank sat down to his plentiful Christmas dinner in Melbourne in 1949, he knew that millions of people were suffering in Europe after World War II.

The Shepparton Uniting Church, like so many individuals and churches around Australia, of all denominations, have support the Christmas bowl. By clicking this link you will find the video from today’s worship service if you wish to watch it again.

For further information on the Christmas bowl, or to make donation please head to their website.